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Substituted BEDT‐TTF Derivatives: Synthesis, Chirality, Properties and Potential Applications

Wallis, JD; Griffiths, JP;
Open Access
  • Published: 03 May 2005 Journal: ChemInform, volume 36 (issn: 0931-7597, eissn: 1522-2667, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Country: Italy
The increasing availability of functionalized BEDT-TTF derivatives in both racemic and enantiopure forms opens up great opportunities for preparing multifunctional materials and chiral conducting systems in the form of crystals, thin films and polymers. Functionalities such as amino and carboxyl will allow attachment to other molecular systems, while intermolecular interactions between substituents, e.g. hydrogen bonding and halegon- - - halegon interactions, provides additional tools for designing solid state radical cation structures. In this review the syntheses of substituted derivatives of BEDT-TTF and closely related donors are surveyed, along with the str...
free text keywords: Organic chemistry, Chemistry, Hydrogen bond, Intermolecular force, Polymer, chemistry.chemical_classification, Radical ion, Enantiomer, Molecule, Enantiopure drug, Chirality (chemistry)
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