Work placements in doctoral research training in the humanities: eight cases from translation studies

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Pym, Anthony ; González Núñez, Gabriel ; Miquel-Iriarte, Marta ; Ramos Pinto, Sara ; Teixeira, Carlos S. C. ; Tesseur, Wine (2014)

10.1556/Acr.15.2014.1.1 Research cooperation between academic and nonacademic institutions tends not to concern the humanities, where mutual financial rewards are mostly not in evidence. The study of eight nonacademic placements of doctoral researchers working on interlingual translation nevertheless indicates some degree of success. It is found that the placements lead to ongoing cooperation when the following conditions are met: 1) the nature of the placement is understood and relations of trust are established; 2) mutual benefits are envisaged; and 3) there are prior arrangements for receiving visiting researchers. A placement can nevertheless be successful when one of the last two factors is missing. Further, the measure of success for placements in the humanities should concern social and symbolic benefits, in addition to financial profits.
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