Peat Bog Ecosystems: Peatland Restoration

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Lindsay, Richard ; Birnie, Richard ; Clough, Jack (2016)
  • Publisher: International Union for the Conservation of Nature

Peatland restoration involves giving aid to a\ud complex ecosystem which has been\ud damaged in some way. A reasonable analogy is a patient brought to a hospital for urgent\ud treatment. When\ud arriving at\ud Accident\ud & Emergency\ud ,\ud the first priority of the medical team is\ud to stabilise the patient’s condition. Only\ud after the patient’s condition has been assessed\ud and then stabilised can the team begin to think about the longer\ud -\ud term process of healing\ud and recovery.\ud A similar logic is applied to\ud peatland\ud s\ud . First\ud ,\ud stabilisation is required to\ud prevent further degradation,\ud following which restoration can focus on the recovery of the\ud ecosystem.
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