Tempus IV: 45021-TEMPUS-2008-UK-JPCR: New Masters Programme in Library and Information Science

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Segbert-Elbert, Monica;
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The project can show some positive and timely results. A solid core team was formed between the EU partners and the three partner countries, and the indicators of progress as outlined in the description of work were being met. Some recommendations, inter alia for an imp... View more
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    TatavikZargaryan (interview by skype 25.11.2009) - Student just returned from Aberdeen, preparing for her 2nd masters' degree to become lecturer at ISEC - No language problems in following the course in Aberdeen - Course content good and relevant - Teaching methodology new and interesting for Armenian reform of teaching - Will give lecture on what she has learnt to staff and students at ISEC - Will liaise with Aberdeen and other course participants on compiling a bibliography of useful reading and a list of e-resources that should be accessible

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