X-ray emission from massive stars in CYG OB2

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Rauw, G ; Wright, NJ ; Drake, JJ ; Guarcello, MG (2015)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1088/0067-0049/221/1/1
  • Subject: Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics | Wolf–Rayet [stars] | QB | QC | : Aérospatiale, astronomie & astrophysique [Physique, chimie, mathématiques & sciences de la terre] | : Space science, astronomy & astrophysics [Physical, chemical, mathematical & earth Sciences] | early-type [stars] | stars [X-rays] | individual: Cyg OB2 [open clusters and associations]

We report on the analysis of the Chandra-ACIS data of O, B, and WR stars in the young association Cyg OB2. X-ray spectra of 49 O-stars, 54 B-stars, and 3 WR-stars are analyzed and for the brighter sources, the epoch dependence of the X-ray fluxes is investigated. The O-stars in Cyg OB2 follow a well-defined scaling relation between their X-ray and bolometric luminosities: log(Lx/Lbol)=-7.2+/- 0.2. This relation is in excellent agreement with the one previously derived for the Carina OB1 association. Except for the brightest O-star binaries, there is no general X-ray overluminosity due to colliding winds in O-star binaries. Roughly half of the known B-stars in the surveyed field are detected, but they fail to display a clear relationship between Lx and Lbol. Out of the three WR stars in Cyg OB2, probably only WR 144 is itself responsible for the observed level of X-ray emission, at a very low log(Lx/Lbol)=-8.8+/- 0.2. The X-ray emission of the other two WR-stars (WR 145 and 146) is most probably due to their O-type companion along with a moderate contribution from a wind–wind interaction zone. Peer reviewed
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