Modular Hybrid Energy Concept Employing a Novel Control Structure Based on a Simple Analog System

Article English OPEN
Petreus, D. ; Daraban, S. ; Cirstea, M. (2016)

—This paper proposes a novel control topology\ud which enables the setup of a low cost analog system leading to\ud the implementation of a modular energy conversion system.\ud The modular concept is based on hybrid renewable energy\ud (solar and wind) and uses high voltage inverters already\ud available on the market. An important feature of the proposed\ud topology is a permanently active current loop, which assures\ud short circuit protection and simplifies the control loops\ud compensation. The innovative analogue solution of the control\ud structure is based on a dedicated integrated circuit (IC) for\ud power factor correction (PFC) circuits, used in a new\ud configuration, to assure an efficient inverter start-up. The\ud energy conversion system (control structure and maximum\ud power point tracking algorithm) is simulated using a new\ud macromodel-based concept, which reduces the usual\ud computational burden of the simulator and achieves high\ud processing speed. The proposed novel system is presented in\ud this article from concept, through the design and\ud implementation stages, is verified through simulation and is\ud validated by experimental results.
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