The treatment of territory of indigenous peoples under international law

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Gilbert, Jérémie (2003)
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    79 The fiduciary obligation refers to the duty of consultation that the Crown has when indigenous rights are involved in adecision. See Chief Justice Lamer: 'There is always a duty of consultation. Whether the aboriginal group has been consulted is relevant to determining whether the infringement of aboriginal title is justified', Delgamuukw v. British Columbia, 3 SCR (1997), 1010, 1081 DLR at 265.

    R.v. Van Der Peet, 2 SCR (1996) 507.

    Van Der Peet must be read with the five others decisions issued in 1996 relating to similar subject; see R. v. Gladstone, 21 August 1996;R. v. NTC Smokehouse, 21 August 1996; R. v. Adams, 3 October 1996;R. v. C8t6,3 October 1996.

    R. V.Van Der Peet, 2 SCR (1996) 507 at 299.

    83 R. V. Van Der Peet, 2 SCR (1996) 507 at 309-10 (emphasis added).

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