Suitability of PSA-detected localised prostate cancers for focal therapy: experience from the ProtecT study

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Catto, J. W. F.; Robinson, M. C.; Albertsen, P. C.; Goepel, J. R.; Abbod, M. F.; Linkens, D. A.; Davis, M.; Rosario, D. J.; Warren, A. Y.; Varma, M.; Griffiths, D. F.; Grigor, K. M.; Mayer, N. J.; Oxley, J. D.; Deshmukh, N. S.; Lane, J. A.; Metcalfe, C.; Donovan, J. L.; Neal, D. E.; Hamdy, F. C.; ProtecT Study Grp, P. S. G.;
  • Publisher: Cancer Research UK

background: Contemporary screening for prostate cancer frequently identifies small volume, low-grade lesions. Some clinicians have advocated focal prostatic ablation as an alternative to more aggressive interventions to manage these lesions. To identify which patients m... View more
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