Information and exchange rate dynamics

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Roberts, Mark A. (Mark Andrew);
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Theoretical models of the exchange rate are developed where\ud information on the model is not fully available to agents. It is an\ud application of Benjamin Friedman's (1979) theme that full rational\ud expectations may be a possibility only in the long-run, even for\u... View more
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    4.2 The Model 4.3 The Rational Expectations Equilibrium Case 4.4 The General Case 4.4.1 The Importance of Subjective Factors 4.4.2 A Representation of the Infinite Regress 4.4.3 The Existence of Equilibrium Outside REE 4.5 Consistent and Inconsistent Learning 4.6 Two Applications of Learning 4.6.1 Strategy One 4.6.2 Strategy Two 4.7 Some Further Considerations 4.7.1 The Individual Optimality of Inconsistent Learning 4.7.2 The Determinacy of the Inconsistent Forecast Function 4.7.3 Wealth Dynamics

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