Nuclear Dbf2-related protein kinases (NDRs) in isolated cardiac myocytes and the myocardium: activation by cellular stresses and by phosphoprotein serine-/threonine-phosphatase inhibitors

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Fuller, Stephen John; Pikkarainen, Sampsa; Tham, El Li; Cullingford, Timothy E.; Molkentin, Jeff D.; Cornils, H; Hergovitch, A; Hemmings, B. A.; Clerk, Angela; Sugden, Peter H.;

The nuclear Dbf2-related protein kinases 1 and 2 (NDR1/2) are closely-related AGC family kinases that are strongly conserved through evolution. In mammals, they are activated inter alia by phosphorylation of an hydrophobic domain threonine-residue [NDR1(Thr-444)/NDR2(Th... View more
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