Third Generation Antiepileptic Drug Monotherapies In Adults With Epilepsy.

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Mula, M (2016)

INTRODUCTION: Drugs marketed during the last few years (i.e. Lacosamide, Ruifinamide, Eslicarbazepine acetate, Brivaracetam and Perampanel) are increasingly regarded as third generation AEDs. This paper presents available data about monotherapy with third generation drugs and on-going clinical trials with special attention to the existing debate about monotherapy license in epilepsy. AREAS COVERED: References were identified by searches of Medline/PubMed. In addition, currently active studies for these AEDs were identified in the database. Expert commentary: Results of studies on Eslicarbazepine acetate and Lacosamide clearly suggest good efficacy and tolerability. The selective pharmacological profile, the lack of interactions, the good tolerability with low propensity for cognitive side effects and the availability of different pharmacological formulations represent evident advantages. Although third generation monotherapies are quite promising, long-term safety data is needed in order to understand how these compounds will place in the current armamentarium.
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