High voltage breakdown in the Ramsey cell of the CryoEDM\ud experiment: an experimental study of some relevant parameters

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Davidson, Andrew John;
  • Subject: QC0145.2

A pressure cell apparatus has been designed, constructed and commissioned to measure the dielectric strength of liquid helium as a function of pressure for various temperatures in He I and He II. Breakdown experiments between a set of stainless steel parallel plate Rogo... View more
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    6.2.5. PC Run 13 (11/09/2010)

    6.2.6. Vbd(P) at constant temperature

    6.3 High Voltage breakdown in He I, He II and LN2 when a ceramic spacer is added between two Rogowski profile electrodes

    6.3.1. Ceramic Breakdown tests in He I and He II using DKHs Rogowski profile electrodes

    6.3.2. Ceramic Breakdown tests in LN2 using DKHs Rogowski profile electrodes

    6.3.3. Breakdown with the DKH large electrodes.

    7 Analysis and Discussion

    7.1. Analysis of the Vbd (P,T) Data

    7.1.1. Introduction

    7.1.2. General form of Vbd(P) at Constant Temperature

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