Homo- and Heteroleptic Phototoxic Dinuclear Metallo-Intercalators Based on Ru II (dppn) Intercalating Moieties: Synthesis, Optical and Biological Studies

Article English OPEN
Saeed, H.K.; Jarman, P.J.; Archer, S.; Sreedharan, S.; Saeed, I.Q.; Mckenzie, L.K.; Weinstein, J.A.; Buurma, N.J.; Smythe, C.G.W.; Thomas, J.A.;
  • Publisher: Wiley

Using a new mononuclear “building block,” for the first time, a dinuclear RuII(dppn) complex and a heteroleptic system containing both RuII(dppz) and RuII(dppn) moieties are reported. The complexes, including the mixed dppz/dppn system, are 1O2 sensitizers. However, unl... View more
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