Inclusion of Shear Deformation Term to Improve Accuracy in Flexible-Link Robot Modelling

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Morris, A.S. ; Madani, A. (1995)
  • Publisher: Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

The paper is addressed at the problem of developing a static and dynamic model of a single flexible manipulator link which is of sufficient accuracy for use in a multi-flexible-link system. Although flexible link modelling has received much attention in the past, none of the models developed have adequate accuracy for application in a multi-link system. Very high modelling accuracy is necessary because there is significant inter-link coupling in a flexible manipulator and any modelling errors are therefore cumulative.Previous work based on an assumed mode model has made some progress towards improving accuracy by including a correction factor derived from finite element analysis and the work work reported here extends this by including a shear deformation term in the equations. The significant improvements in modelling accuracy thereby achieved are demonstrated by simulations of link motion.
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