Issues in contemporary international migration

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Tamura, Yuji
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Broadly speaking, we deal with government activities and their migration-related consequences in this dissertation. There are two parts. The first part examines the influence of social welfare provision on individual demands for immigration. In the second part, we study the impact of tight border control on the incidence of labour exploitation in the migrant smuggling market.\ud \ud In Part 1, we theoretically show that the existence of redistributive welfare programmes reduces the difference between individual demands for immigration by creating a common economic interest among heterogeneous citizens. By analysing a survey data set that contains individual responses to immigration-related questions in the European Union, we also study the importance of the perceived impact of immigration on the national labour market and the domestic public finance for the desirable level of immigration.\ud \ud In Part 2, our theoretical model suggests that the government's battle against migrant smuggling may increase the labour exploitation of migrants on average. Furthermore, the common use of social networks by which the information about reliable smugglers is transmitted to potential migrants suggests that the migrant smuggling market may converge to an exploitative state in the long run if smugglers are impatient.
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