Investigation of the transmitted noise of a combustor exit nozzle caused by burned hydrogen-hydrocarbon gases

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Hosseinalipour, S.M. ; Fattahi, A. ; Karimi, N. (2016)

Transmitted noise is a major problem in industrial and aero-engine gas turbines. One of a noise generating part in the preceding systems is exit nozzle which can play as encouraging or discouraging sound waves. The generated noise may arise from an incident acoustic wave or entropy wave. In this paper, the effect of heat transfer and inlet Mach number of the exit nozzle as well as replacing the traditional hydrocarbon fuels with hydrogen and composite of hydrogen-hydrocarbon on noise generation is studied. Further, the influence of the hydrodynamic decaying mechanisms in a nozzle on the noise generated by entropy waves is investigated. It is found that hydrogen can reduce transmitted noise in a subcritical nozzle with an acoustic incident wave or in a supercritical nozzle with an incident entropic wave.
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