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Sahel decadal rainfall variability and the role of model horizontal resolution

Michael Vellinga; Malcolm Roberts; Pier Luigi Vidale; Matthew S. Mizielinski; Marie‐Estelle Demory; Reinhard Schiemann; Jane Strachan; Caroline Bain;
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  • Published: 06 Jan 2016
  • Publisher: American Geophysical Union
  • Country: United Kingdom
Substantial low-frequency rainfall fluctuations occurred in the Sahel throughout the twentieth century, causing devastating drought. Modeling these low-frequency rainfall fluctuations has remained problematic for climate models for many years. Here we show using a combination of state-of-the-art rainfall observations and high-resolution global climate models that changes in organized heavy rainfall events carry most of the rainfall variability in the Sahel at multiannual to decadal time scales. Ability to produce intense, organized convection allows climate models to correctly simulate the magnitude of late-twentieth century rainfall change, underlining the impo...
free text keywords: General Earth and Planetary Sciences, Geophysics, Horizontal resolution, Climate model, Magnitude (mathematics), Precipitation, General Circulation Model, Geology, Climatology, Tropical wave, Model resolution
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