Reliability of three foot models to examine\ud paediatric gait

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Mahaffey, Ryan ; Morrison, Stewart C ; Drechsler, Wendy I ; Cramp, Mary Christine (2012)
  • Publisher: BioMed Central

Background\ud A variety of multi-segmental foot models have been produced\ud to examine patterns of foot segmental movement\ud during gait cycle to identify biomechanical differences\ud between normal and pathological foot function[1-3].\ud The reliability of foot models to accurately describe\ud motion of the foot joints is dependent on the ability of\ud the examiner to repeatedly apply markers to specific\ud landmarks and the relevance of models’ segmental\ud descriptions to underlying anatomy. The aim of this\ud study was to test the reliability of segmental angles measured\ud by three published foot models during paediatric\ud gait.\ud Materials and methods\ud Sixteen children, aged 6 to 12 years old, were recruited\ud to the study. Marker sets for three foot models 3DFoot\ud [1], Oxford Foot Model (OFM)[2], and Kinfoot[3] were\ud applied to their right feet simultaneously which to the\ud authors knowledge, is the first direct comparison of the\ud three models during gait. Each foot model was assessed\ud for repeatability of maximal joint angle and range of\ud motion during the gait cycle between two testing occasions.\ud Absolute angular differences and standard error\ud of measurement (SEM) are reported.\ud Results\ud Repeatability of all maximal segmental angles and range\ud of motions were higher in 3DFoot compared to OFM\ud and Kinfoot (Table 1).
  • References (2)

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