Open Data as Open Educational Resources: Case studies of emerging practice

Atenas, Javiera ; Havemann, Leo (2018)

This collection presents the stories of our contributors’ experiences and insights, in order to demonstrate the enormous potential for openly-licensed and accessible datasets (Open Data) to be used as Open Educational Resources (OER). Open Data is an umbrella term describing openly-licensed, interoperable, and reusable datasets which have been created and made available to the public by national or local governments, academic researchers, or other organisations. These datasets can be accessed, used and shared without restrictions other than attribution of the intellectual property of their creators.While there are various de nitions of OER, these are generally understood as openly-licensed digital resources that can be used in teaching and learning. Open Data has been highlighted as a key to information transparency and scienti c advancement. Students who are exposed to the use of Open Data have access to the same raw materials that scientists and policy makers use. This enables them to engage with real problems at both local and global levels. Educators who make use of Open Data in teaching and learning encourage students to think as researchers, as journalists, as scientists, and as policy makers and activists. They also provide a meaningful context for gaining experience in research work ows and processes, as well as learning good practices in data management, analysis and reporting. The pedagogic deployment of Open Data as OER thus supports the development of critical, analytical, collaborative and citizenship skills, and has enormous potential to generate new knowledge.
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