Parasite stress and pathogen avoidance relate to distinct dimensions of political ideology across 30 nations.

Article English OPEN
Tybur, JM; Inbar, Y; Aarøe, L; Barclay, P; Barlow, FK; de Barra, M; Becker, DV; Borovoi, L; Choi, I; Choi, JA; Consedine, NS; Conway, A; Conway, JR; Conway, P; Adoric, VC; Demirci, DE; Fernández, AM; Ferreira, DCS; Ishii, K; Jakšić, I; Ji, T; van Leeuwen, F; Lewis, DMG; Li, NP; McIntyre, JC; Mukherjee, S; Park, JH; Pawlowski, B; Petersen, MB; Pizarro, D; ... view all 42 authors

People who are more avoidant of pathogens are more politically conservative, as are nations with greater parasite stress. In the current research, we test two prominent hypotheses that have been proposed as explanations for these relationships. The first, which is an in... View more
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