Wavelength locking of silicon photonics multiplexer for DML-based WDM transmitter

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Grillanda, Stefano; Ji, Ruiqiang; Morichetti, Francesco; Carminati, Marco; Ferrari, Giorgio; Guglielmi, Emanuele; Peserico, Nicola; Annoni, Andrea; Dede, Alberto; Nicolato, Danilo; Vannucci, Antonello; Klitis, Charalambos; Holmes, Barry; Sorel, Marc; Fu, Shengmeng; Man, Jiangwei; Zeng, Li; Sampietro, Marco; Melloni, Andrea;
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We present a wavelength locking platform enabling the feedback control of silicon (Si) microring resonators (MRRs) for the realization of a 4 × 10 Gb/s wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) transmitter. Four thermally tunable Si MRRs are employed to multiplex the signa... View more
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