The Effect of Varying Cutting Speeds on Tool Wear During Conventional and Ultrasonic Assisted Drilling (UAD) of Carbon Fibre Composite (CFC) and Titanium Alloy Stacks

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Dahnel, Aishah Najiah ; Ascroft, Helen ; Barnes, Stuart (2016)

The application of Carbon Fibre Composite (CFC) and titanium alloys are becoming more prevalent in aerospace industry due to their high-strength-to-weight ratio. However, the drawback of these materials is poor machinability. This paper presents the potential of Ultrasonic Assisted Drilling (UAD) of CFC and titanium Ti6Al4 V stacks in delaying tool wear progression. Experiments comparing conventional and UAD were conducted using 6.1 mm diameter tungsten carbide drills, employing constant feed rate of 0.05 mm/rev and cutting speeds of 25, 50 and 75 m/min, demonstrated that the drills used in UAD underwent lower tool wear rate and thrust forces than conventional drilling.\ud \ud \ud
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