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Molecular, isotopic and in situ analytical approaches to the study of meteoritic organic material

Watson, Jonathan S.; Pearson, Victoria K.; Sephton, Mark A.; Gilmour, Iain;
Open Access English
  • Published: 24 Dec 2004
Organic materials isolated from carbonaceous meteorites provide us with a record of pre-biotic chemistry in the early Solar System. Molecular, isotopic and <i>in situ</i> studies of these materials suggest that a number of extraterrestrial environments have contributed to the inventory of organic matter in the early Solar System including interstellar space, the Solar nebula and meteorite parent bodies.\ud There are several difficulties that have to be overcome in the study of the organic constituents of meteorites. Contamination by terrestrial biogenic organic matter is an ever-present concern and a wide variety of contaminant molecules have been isolated and i...
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82 references, page 1 of 6
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