The 2005 outburst of the halo black hole X-ray transient XTE J1118+480

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Zurita, C. ; Torres, M. A. P. ; Steeghs, D. ; Rodríguez-Gil, P. ; Muñoz-Darias, T. ; Casares, J. ; Shahbaz, T. ; Martinez-Pais, I. G. ; Zhao, P. ; Garcia, M. R. ; Piccioni, A. ; Bartolini, C. ; Guarnieri, A. ; Bloom, Joshua S. ; Blake, C. H. ; Falco, E. E. ; Szentgyorgyi, A. ; Skrutskie, M. (2006)
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We present optical and infrared monitoring of the 2005 outburst of the halo black hole X-ray transient XTE J1118+480. We measured a total outburst amplitude of ~5.7+-0.1 mag in the R band and ~5 mag in the infrared J, H and K_s bands. The hardness ratio HR2 (5-12 keV/3-5 keV) from the RXTE/ASM data is 1.53+-0.02 at the peak of the outburst indicating a hard spectrum. Both the shape of the light curve and the ratio L_X (1-10 keV)/L_opt resemble the mini-outbursts observed in GRO J0422+32 and XTE J1859+226. During early decline, we find a 0.02-mag amplitude variation consistent with a superhump modulation, like the one observed during the 2000 outburst. Similarly, XTE J1118+480 displayed a double-humped ellipsoidal modulation distorted by a superhump wave when settled into a near-quiescence level, suggesting that the disk expanded to the 3:1 resonance radius after outburst where it remained until early quiescence. The system reached quiescence at R=19.02+-0.03 about three months after the onset of the outburst. The optical rise preceded the X-ray rise by at most 4 days. The spectral energy distributions (SEDs) at the different epochs during outburst are all quasi-power laws with F_nu proportional to nu^alpha increasing toward the blue. At the peak of the outburst we derived alpha=0.49+-0.04 for the optical data alone and alpha=0.1+-0.1 when fitting solely the infrared. This difference between the optical and the infrared SEDs suggests that the infrared is dominated by a different component (a jet?) whereas the optical is presumably showing the disk evolution.
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