ePedagogy for virtual learning environments: professional doctorate

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Basiel, Anthony
  • Subject:
    acm: ComputingMilieux_COMPUTERSANDEDUCATION

Three projects were conducted to generate data to validate the eLearning theories, models and pedagogical design principles[1] offered in the concluding chapter. Through this study the overall research question addressed is:\ud \ud ‘How can the learning process (a virtual learning environment event) be facilitated and supported through the research and development of web-based technology that is appropriately matched to eLearning pedagogy and online epistemology?’\ud \ud \ud \ud The projects discussed are:\ud \ud Ø Project 1: Educational Web-based Video Conferencing -\ud This study aims to answer the question, ‘How can web-based video conferencing and related tool sets (white boards, shared desktop, text chat, recording utility, etc.) be pedagogically designed appropriately and applied to a virtual research environment (VRE) context to address the collaborative and support needs of trans-disciplinary (across subjects and levels) work based learning practitioner researchers?\ud \ud Ø Project 2: eLearning Teaching Templates –\ud This study will answer the research question, “How can eLearning model templates be used to promote the online teaching/learning process?”\ud \ud Ø Project 3: VLE Denouement Profile methodology and Toolkit -\ud The research question, ‘How can a common understanding of VLE design and implementation between the NCWBLP stakeholders be facilitated and supported?’ is addressed.
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