IMILAST: a community effort to intercompare extratropical cyclone detection and tracking algorithms

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Neu, Urs; Akperov, Mirseid G.; Bellenbaum, Nina; Benestad, Rasmus; Blender, Richard; Caballero, Rodrigo; Cocozza, Angela; Dacre, Helen; Feng, Yang; Fraedrich, Klaus; Grieger, Jens; Gulev, Sergey; Hanley, John; Hewson, Tim; Inatsu, Masaru; Keay, Kevin; Kew, Sarah F.; Kindem, Ina; Leckebusch, Gregor C.; Liberato, Margarida L. R.; Lionello, Piero; Mokhov, Igor I.; Pinto, Joaquim G; Raible, Christoph C.; Reale, Marco; Rudeva, Irina; Schuster, Mareike; Simmonds, Ian; Sinclair, Mark; Sprenger, Michael; ... view all 36 authors

The variability of results from different automated methods of detection and tracking of extratropical cyclones is assessed in order to identify uncertainties related to the choice of method. Fifteen international teams applied their own algorithms to the same dataset—t... View more
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