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Assessment of the dietary intake of total flavan-3-ols, monomeric flavan-3-ols, proanthocyanidins and theaflavins in the European Union

Christian Heiss;
  • Published: 13 Dec 2013
  • Country: United Kingdom
<jats:p>Dietary interventions with flavan-3-ols have shown beneficial effects on vascular function. The translation of these findings into the context of the health of the general public requires detailed information on habitual dietary intake. However, only limited data are currently available for European populations. Therefore, in the present study, we assessed the habitual intake of flavan-3-ol monomers, proanthocyanidins (PA) and theaflavins in the European Union (EU) and determined their main food sources using the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database. Data for adults aged 18–64 years were available from fo...
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Targeted delivery of dietary flavanols for optimal human cell function: Effect on cardiovascular health
  • Funder: European Commission (EC)
  • Project Code: 226588
  • Funding stream: FP7 | SP1 | KBBE
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42 references, page 1 of 3
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