Indoor characterization of a reflective type 3D LCPV system

Article English OPEN
Baig, Hasan ; Montecucco, Andrea ; Siviter, Jonathan ; Li, Wenguang ; Paul, Manosh ; Sweet, Tracy ; Gao, Min ; Mullen, Paul A. ; Marai, Elena Ana ; Knox, Andrew R. ; Mallick, Tapas (2016)

Low concentrating photovoltaic (LCPV) systems produces higher electrical output per unit solar cell compared to typical PV systems. The high efficiency Si solar cells can be utilized with little design and manufacturing changes for these applications. However, a key barrier towards achieving economic viability and the widespread adoption of LCPV technologies is the losses related to high operating temperature. In the present study, we evaluate the performance 3D low concentration system designed for 3.6×, using a reflective Cross compound parabolic concentrator (CCPC) and a Laser Grooved Buried Contact solar cell having an area of 50*50mm2. Results demonstrate the losses occurring due to the temperature rise of the solar cell under concentration and we analyze the potential which could be utilized for low grade heating applications.
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