English language classroom practices: Bangladeshi primary school children’s perceptions

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Shrestha, Prithvi;

English language teaching (ELT) has been investigated from various angles including how English language teachers perceive what happens in an ELT classroom. How primary school English language learners perceive their experiences of ELT is rarely reported in the publishe... View more
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    2. Do you like learning English? Why? Why not? Find out about: which kinds of activities students enjoy/ don't enjoy.

    3. In your English class, what kind of things do you like doing most? Refer back to activities listed in question 1

    4. Is there anything you don't like about your English classes? 5. Why is learning English useful? e.g. for getting a job; watching foreign films, TV; reading for pleasure; reading for information; speaking to relatives; speaking to foreigners (why); helps learning other languages; makes a good impression; pleases my parents; to work or live abroad. Would you like to be an English teacher when you grow up? Why?

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