Accredited qualifications for capacity development in disaster \ud risk reduction and climate change adaptation

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Hemstock, Sarah L.; Buliruarua, Leigh-Ann; Chan, Emily Y.Y.; Chan, Gloria; Des Combes, Helene Jacot; Davey, Peter; Farrell, Paul; Griffiths, Sian; Hansen, Henning; Hatch, Tim; Holloway, Ailsa; Manuella-Morris, Teuleala; Martin, Tess; Renaud, Fabrice G.; Ronan, Kevin; Ryan, Benjamin; Szarzynski, Joerg; Shaw, Duncan; Yasukawa, Soichiro; Yeung, Tiffany; Murray, Virginia;
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Increasingly practitioners and policy makers working \ud across the globe are recognising the importance of \ud bringing together disaster risk reduction and climate \ud change adaptation. From studies across 15 Pacific island \ud nations, a key barrier to improving nat... View more
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