Predicting the broadband response of a layered cone-cylinder-cone shell

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Chronopoulos, Dimitrios ; Ichchou, Mohamed ; Troclet, Bernard ; Bareille, Olivier (2014)

The dynamic response of an aerospace layered structure composed of a combination of conical and cylindrical shells is hereby modelled. In the low and the mid-frequency ranges a WFEM derived ESL approach implemented within a FEM is used in order to predict the response of the shell. Furthermore, in the high frequency range the CLF of the connected subsystems are calculated using a WFEM/FEM approach. These CLF are implemented within a SEA approach in order to predict the structural response. The accuracy and robustness of the developed approaches are exhibited by comparisons to experimental measurements on a layered conical-shell-conical configuration.
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    500 600 Frequency (Hz)

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