Solution Focused Brief Therapy as perceived by educational psychologist and adolescent client

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Rees, Ioan Gwenallt
  • Subject: BF | L1

A number of findings emerged that were categorised and unified under two broad thematic headings: The Core Features of SFBT and The Key Elements of the SFBT, Therapeutic Relationship. By comparing perceptions between and within participating EP: adolescent dyads, similarities and differences were explored in their accounts. A similar, positive SFBT experience was perceived by EP and adolescent client, when viewed as a 'different' way of working, when collaborative work was reported and when a good relationship was described. EP and adolescent perceptions of their unique, therapeutic relationships were closely matched. Specifically, it appeared that when a good relationship was described, a favourable outcome ensued, but a less favourable outcome was reported when one or neither participant held a positive view of their relationship. Also, the absence of a hopeful outlook appeared to have impact upon the establishment of a good relationship and SFBT experience in general. The limitations of and the theoretical and practical implications of the findings from this study are discussed and future research directions considered with the key fields of SFBT and educational psychology
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