Why ownership pluralism still matters in a multi-platform world

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Doyle, G. (2015)
  • Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

This chapter examines the effects of changing technology on landscapes of media provision and consumption and considers whether the greater choice made possible by digital technology and changing patterns of consumption obviate the need for special interventions to restrict media ownership for the sake of pluralism. News Corporation's bid for BSkyB in 2011 clearly exemplified how, not least in times of technological change, patterns of ownership are shaped by economic and strategic factors. Digitisation has encouraged greater cross-sectoral convergence providing an extra spur towards strategies of diversification and multi-platform expansion in the media industry. Even so, and despite the transition to a more web-connected era, as this chapter argues there remain good grounds for concerns about the power wielded by dominant media organisations in relation to production and circulation of news, ideas and cultural and political values within contemporary societies.
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