Knowledge and use of the lexicon in French as a second language

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This special issue of JFLS focuses on what learners know about French words, on\ud how they use that knowledge and on how it can be investigated and assessed.\ud In many ways, it is a sequel to the special issue on the Acquisition of French\ud as a Second Language edited by Myles and Towell that appeared in JFLS in 2004.\ud While articles on the L2 acquisition of the French lexicon have appeared in a variety of journals, including JFLS, this special issue (SI) is the first volume which specifically focuses on lexical knowledge and use among learners of French as a second language. The issue is timely, because of the growing importance of vocabulary in the SLA research agenda, but also because research into vocabulary acquisition appears at the top of a list of areas in which teachers of Modern Foreign Languages are most interested.
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