A Simple Algorithm for Sidelobe Cancellation in a Partially Adaptive Linear Array

Article English OPEN
El-Azhary, I ; Afifi, M S ; Excell, Peter S
  • Publisher: Glyndŵr University Research Online
  • Subject: real-time implementation | Computer Sciences | PROM’s | edge elements | partial adaptivity

The far-field lobes of the edge elements of a uniformly excited linear array are nearly equal in width to the sidelobes of the array itself, and hence the edge elements are ideal for cancellation of specific sidelobes of the pattern. This supports the concept of partial adaptivity using only the edge elements. This technique is suitable for real-time implementation because only the edge elements require direct control whereas the inner elements are controlled by PROM’s. Other advantages are that the nulls produced specifically by control of the edge elements are deep and wide. Also the main beam gain is not much affected by the sidelobe cancellation.
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