A high accuracy ultrasound distance measurement system using binary frequency shift-keyed signal and phase detection

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Aldawi, Fouad ; Longstaff, Andrew P. ; Fletcher, Simon ; Mather, Peter ; Myers, Alan (2007)
  • Publisher: University of Huddersfield
  • Subject: QC | T1 | TA

A highly accurate binary frequency shift-keyed ultrasonic distance measurement system for use in air\ud is described. This paper presents an efficient algorithm which combines both the time-of-flight method\ud and the phase-shift method. The method used will allow a larger range measurement than the phaseshift\ud method and also result in higher accuracy compared with time-of-flight method. The simulation in\ud air uses BFSK with the frequencies of 40 and 40.7 KHz. The system will give a resolution of\ud 0.0231mm/° at different temperature and humidity. The main advantages of this system are high\ud resolution, low cost narrow bandwidth requirement and ease of implementation.
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