publication . Thesis . 1974

A cytochemical and biochemical study of acid hydrolases in developing plant cells, with particular reference to non-specific esterases

James, David John;
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  • Published: 01 Feb 1974
  • Country: United Kingdom
Investigations have been carried out into the occurrence and functions of acid hydrolases during plant cell division, differentiation and senescence using histochemical and biochemical procedures. Statistical analyses of histochemical data have shown that particles staining for naphthol AS BI phosphatase in dividing unfixed root cells of Vicia f aba do not act as a 'trigger 1 in the way suggested for animal cells, since there were significantly greater numbers of particles in mitotic cells as opposed to interphase cells in all 3 root tissues, apical initials, procortex and central cylinder. Increasing the length of incubation time markedly increased the number o...
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Fig. 2A D. XL V. Spectra of L-ascorbate, fast red violet LB salt and mixtures thereof.

Cuvettes of 1 cm. path length contained: A) 0.067 mM. L-ascorbate; B) 30 [Ag/ml of fast red violet LB salt; C) 30 [jig/ml of fast red violet LB salt and 0.033 mM L-ascorbate; D) 30 [ig/ml of fast red violet LB salt and 0.008 mM L-ascorbate, all in Mcllvaine's buffer pH 5.4. The reference cuvette contained the same buffer

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