Generation of tunable visible picosecond pulses by frequency-doubling of a quantum-dot laser in a PPKTP waveguide

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Fedorova, Ksenia A. ; Sokolovskii, Grigorii S. ; Nikitichev, Daniil I. ; Battle, Philip R. ; Livshits, Daniil A. ; Rafailov, Edik U. (2013)
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    arxiv: Physics::Optics

We demonstrate a compact all-room-temperature picosecond laser source broadly tunable in the visible spectral region between 600 nm and 627 nm. The tunable radiation is obtained by frequency-doubling of a tunable quantum-dot external-cavity mode-locked laser in a periodically-poled KTP multimode waveguide. In this case, utilization of a significant difference in the effective refractive indices of the high- and low-order modes enables to match the period of poling in a very broad wavelength range. The maximum achieved second harmonic output peak power is 3.25 mW at 613 nm for 71.43 mW of launched pump peak power at 1226 nm, resulting in conversion efficiency of 4.55%.
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