Structure and dynamics of aqueous 2 propanol mixtures: a THz TDS, NMR and neutron diffraction study

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McGregor, J. ; Li, R. ; Zeitler, J.A. ; D Agostino, C. ; Collins, J.H.P. ; Mantle, M. ; Manyar, H. ; Holbrey, J.D. ; Falkowska, M. ; Youngs, T.G.A. ; Hardacre, C. ; Stitt, E.H. ; Gladden, L.F. (2015)
  • Publisher: The Royal Society of Chemistry

Aqueous liquid mixtures, in particular, those involving amphiphilic species, play an important role in many physical, chemical and biological processes. Of particular interest are alcohol/water mixtures; however, the structural dynamics of such systems are still not fully understood. Herein, a combination of terahertz time domain spectroscopy (THz TDS) and NMR relaxation time analysis has been applied to investigate 2 propanol/water mixtures across the entire composition range; while neutron diffraction studies have been carried out at two specific concentrations. Excellent agreement is seen between the techniques with a maximum in both the relative absorption coefficient and the activation energy to molecular motion occurring at 90 mol % H2O. Furthermore, this is the same value at which well established excess thermodynamic functions exhibit a maximum/minimum. Additionally, both neutron diffraction and THz TDS have been used to provide estimates of the size of the hydration shell around 2 propanol in solution. Both methods determine that between 4 and 5 H2O molecules per 2 propanol are found in the 2 propanol/water clusters at 90 mol% H2O. Based on the acquired data, a description of the structure of 2 propanol/water across the composition range is presented.
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