Simulation study of the impact of quantum confinement on the electrostatically driven oerformance of n-type nanowire transistors

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Wang, Yijiao; Al-Ameri, Talib; Wang, Xingsheng; Georgiev, Vihar P.; Towie, Ewan; Amoroso, Salvatore Maria; Brown, Andrew R.; Cheng, Binjie; Reid, David; Riddet, Craig; Shifren, Lucian; Sinha, Saurabh; Yeric, Greg; Aitken, Robert; Liu, Xiaoyan; Kang, Jinfeng; Asenov, Asen;
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    arxiv: Computer Science::Hardware Architecture | Computer Science::Emerging Technologies

In this paper, we have studied the impact of quantum confinement on the performance of n-type silicon nanowire transistors (NWTs) for application in advanced CMOS technologies. The 3-D drift-diffusion simulations based on the density gradient approach that has been cali... View more
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