Reflexive attention in touch: An investigation of event related potentials and behavioural responses

Article English OPEN
Jones, A. ; Forster, B. (2012)

Exogenous attention has been extensively studied in vision but little is known about its behavioural and neural correlates in touch. To investigate this, non informative tactile cues were followed after 800 ms by tactile targets and participants either detected targets or discriminated their location. Responses were slowed for targets at cued compared to uncued locations (i.e. inhibition of return (IOR)) only in the detection task. Concurrently recorded ERPs showed enhanced negativity for targets at uncued compared to cued locations at the N80 component and this modulation overlapped with the P100 component but only for the detection task indicating IOR may, if anything, be linked to attentional modulations at the P100. Further, cue-target interval analysis showed an enhanced anterior negativity contralateral to the cue side in both tasks, analogous to the anterior directed attention negativity (ADAN) previously only reported during endogenous orienting.
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