Psychological and social effects of noise from aircraft at Tehran International Airport (Iran)

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Karami, K
  • Subject: other
    mesheuropmc: human activities | parasitic diseases

This thesis is the result of over 2 years research\ud on the ef f ects of aircraf t noise on human health of the\ud residents around Mehrabad Airport (Tehran). other studies\ud in England, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland,\ud Hong Kong, U. S. A., Australia, Nigeria and Canada show a\ud positive correlation between the extent of social and\ud psychological disorders and aircraft noise.\ud Social survey data from questionnaires translated\ud into Farsi highlight relationships -between noise and\ud psychological problems. The Noise and Number Index (NNI)\ud for aircraft noise assessment was derived from noise\ud measurements and correlated with questionnaires. The\ud results were computed by SPSS PC" software. The analysis of\ud questionnaires data demonstrates that aircraft noise\ud exposure causes annoyance and increases tiredness and\ud affects the efficiency and performance of school teachers.\ud Aircraft noise effects are the most severe of noises\ud experienced by residents. It causes psychological and\ud physiological disorders, sleep disturbance and\ud communication difficulties.\ud Noise is a very important factor which needs more\ud attention and further study on its effects on human health\ud and the impact of aircraft noise on different sections\ud of society.
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