High-quality tree structures modelling using local convolution surface approximation

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Zhu, X. ; Jin, X. ; You, Lihua (2015)
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In this paper, we propose a local convolution surface approximation approach for quickly modelling tree structures with pleasing visual effect. Using our proposed local convolution surface approximation, we present a tree modelling scheme to create the structure of a tree with a single high-quality quad-only mesh. Through combining the strengths of the convolution surfaces, subdivision surfaces and GPU, our tree modelling approach achieves high efficiency and good mesh quality. With our method, we first extract the line skeletons of given tree models by contracting the meshes with the Laplace operator. Then we approximate the original tree mesh with a convolution surface based on the extracted skeletons. Next, we tessellate the tree trunks represented by convolution surfaces into quad-only subdivision surfaces with good edge flow along the skeletal directions. We implement the most time-consuming subdivision and convolution approximation on the GPU with CUDA, and demonstrate applications of our proposed approach in branch editing and tree composition.
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