The Complete Book of Pub Catering

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Braham, Bruce (1986)
  • Publisher: Virtue & Company Ltd.
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Today, more and more pubs are serving food ranging from simple snacks to more sophisticated meals. Publicans are responding to the increasing public demand for good pub food and the need to be more competitive in order to attract new customers.\ud The Complete Book of Pub Catering, which concentrates the experience and knowledge of many associated with the licensed trade, provides support and inspiration to those continuing to develop the important catering facet of their pub operation. Recent changes and persistent trends are identified by the contributors, and the opportunities and challenges for the pub caterer to enhance profits and improve job satisfaction are emphasised throughout the book.\ud This is the essential manual for all publicans concerned to provide imaginative pub fare and attract new customers.\ud Bruce Braham provides Chapter 7: "Decor and design for dining".
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