Evidence of electron neutrino appearance in a muon neutrino beam

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Abe, K; Abgrall, N; Aihara, H; Akiri, T; Albert, JB; Andreopoulos, C; Aoki, S; Ariga, A; Ariga, T; Assylbekov, S; Autiero, D; Barbi, M; Barker, GJ; Barr, G; Bass, M; Batkiewicz, M; Bay, F; Bentham, SW; Berardi, V; Berger, BE; Berkman, S; Bertram, I; Beznosko, D; Bhadra, S; Blaszczyk, FDM; Blondel, A; Bojechko, C; Boyd, S; Brailsford, D; Bravar, A; ... view all 359 authors
  • Publisher: American Physical Society

The T2K Collaboration reports evidence for electron neutrino appearance at the atmospheric mass splitting, \ud |\ud Δ\ud m\ud 2\ud 32\ud |\ud ≈\ud 2.4\ud ×\ud 10\ud −\ud 3\ud  \ud  \ud eV\ud 2\ud . An excess of electron neutrino interactions over background is observed ... View more
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