Single infrastructure utility provision to households: Technological feasibility study

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Karaca, F. ; Raven, Paul G. ; Machell, J. ; Varga, L. ; Camci, Fatih ; Chitchyan, R. ; Boxall, J. B. ; Ulanicki, Bogumil ; Skworcow, P. ; Strzelecka, A. ; Ozawa-Meida, L. ; Janus, T. (2013)

This paper contemplates the future of utility infrastructure, and considers whether an “All-in-One” approach could supply all necessary utility services to tomorrow's households.\ud \ud The intention is not to propose infrastructure solutions that are currently technically feasible or justifiable, however; the objective is to present visions of future infrastructure that would only be possible with new advances in science and technology, or significant improvements and adaptations of existing knowledge and techniques.\ud \ud The All-in-One vision is explored using several vignettes, each of which envisions a novel, multi-functional infrastructure for serving future communities. The vignettes were conceived using imaginative exercises and brain-storming activities; each was then rooted in technological and scientific feasibility, as informed by extensive literature searches and the input of domain leaders. The vignettes tell their own stories, and we identify the challenges that would need to be overcome to make these visions into reality.\ud \ud The main aim of this work is to encourage radical approaches to thinking about future infrastructure provision, with a focus on rationalisation, efficiency, sustainability and resilience in preparation for the challenging times ahead. The All-in-One concept introduces the possibility of a unified and singular system for infrastructure service provision; this work seeks to explore the possibility space opened thereby.
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