Residents’ Support in Major Local Events: Leeds Pride.

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Pappas, Nikolaos (2016)

This article examines the extent to which community participation and perceived impacts have an influence on residents' support of major events, more specifically, the Leeds Pride celebration. The research examines the perspectives of 400 Leeds permanent residents. The study tests a structural equation model, which has its theoretical basis in social exchange theory. It examines the constructs of community participation, perceived positive and negative impacts, and community support, including the actual participation of locals in the event. The findings reveal that the actual participation of locals to decision making influences their perspectives on community participation. The support is influenced by views of the perceived impacts, whereas community participation has no direct influence. Conversely, the community involvement in decision making considerably influences the perceived benefits and costs of the event, acting as a moderator, whereas the willingness of support is connected with the community's participation. Finally, the article discusses theoretical and managerial aspects for major event planning and development.
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