Anarchist economic practices in a "capitalist" society: some implications for organisation and the future of work

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White, Richard J. ; Williams, Colin C. (2014)
  • Publisher: University of Leicester

Adopting an ‘anarchist squint’ (Scott, 2014: xii) this paper aims to expose, subvert, and\ud undermine the dominant prima facie assumption that we live under a ‘neoliberal\ud capitalist’ order. It achieves this primarily by drawing attention to the pervasive nature of\ud alternative economic modes of human organisation within western society. Celebrating\ud an ontology of economic difference, the paper argues that many of the existing\ud ‘alternative’ modes of human organisation enacted through everyday material, social and\ud emotional coping strategies are demonstrably and recognisably anarchistic. Far from\ud being a residual and marginal realm, these anarchist forms of organisation –\ud underpinned by mutual aid, reciprocity, co-operation, collaboration and inclusion – are\ud found to be deeply woven into the fabric of everyday ‘capitalist’ life. Exploring the key\ud implications for the organisation of everyday work, particularly at the household and\ud community level, an economic future is envisaged in which anarchist modes of\ud organisation flourish. The paper concludes by discussing why anarchist forms of\ud organising and organisation should be harnessed, and how this might occur.
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