Electroplating for high aspect ratio vias in PCB manufacturing: enhancement capabilities of acoustic streaming

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Strusevich, Nadezhda ; Desmulliez, Marc P.Y. ; Abraham, Eitan ; Flynn, David ; Jones, Thomas ; Patel, Mayur ; Bailey, Christopher (2013)

This paper considers the copper electrodeposition processes in microvias and investigates whether the quality of the electroplating process can be improved by acoustic streaming using megasonic transducers placed into a plating cell. The theoretical results show that acoustic streaming does not take place within the micro-via (either through or blind-via’s), however it does help improve cupric ion transport in the area close to the mouth of a via. This replenishment of cupric ions at the mouth of micro-via leads to better quality filling of the micro-via through diffusion compared to basic conditions. Experiments showing the improved quality of the filling of vias are also presented.
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