Observational properties of a kink unstable coronal loop \ud

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Haynes, M. (Martin) ; Arber, T. D. (2007)

Aims. Previous work on the dynamics of the kink instability has concentrated on the evolution of the magnetic field and associated current sheets. Here we aim to determine the observational consequences of the kink instability in short coronal loops, particularly what images TRACE would record of such an instability. This paper concentrates on the internal m = 1 mode where the kink structure\ud of the instability may not be apparent from the global field shape. This is most relevant to the observation of active region brightenings and coronal bright points.\ud Methods. An existing fluid code was modified to include the TRACE temperature response function in order to calculate temporally and spatially averaged, line of sight images in the 171, 195 and 284 Å band passes for straight, kink unstable flux tubes.\ud Results. Two new fluid effects of the kink instability are discovered: the circular enhancement of the density at the foot points and the appearance of a low density band running across the flux tube. The second of these effects is shown to be imagable by TRACE and hence would be a good candidate observational signature for an internal m = 1 kink unstable loop.
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